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The oldest place names in the Perth area are those given by the first people, the Nyoongar, and then those given by Stirling on his navigation of the Swan River in 1827, and at the time of his foundation of the Swan River Colony in 1829.

Darling Range (Escarpment) was named in 1827 after the (1825-31) Governor of NSW, General Ralph Darling.

Mount Eliza (Mooro Katta, Kaarta Garup, Gargatup) is named for the wife of the (1825-31) Governor of NSW, General Ralph Darling.

Ellen Brook and Ellenbrook are named after Stirling's wife Ellen MANGLES.

Matilda Bay (Goodroo) is believed to have been so named after the wife of John Septimus Roe, Matilda (née Bennett).

Perth (Byerbrup) was so named by Stirling after the city in Scotland, at the wish of Sir George Murray, the Secretary for the Colonies 1828-9, and a compatriot of Stirling's.




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