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Robert Lyon Milne

Robert Lyon Milne was known in the colony by the pseudonym Robert Menli Lyon, over which name he published invaluable articles about the Nyoongar language and placenames. Bob Reece has written a long article about him (see below) which is available online, but I think not published in print.

References and Links

Lyon, Robert Menli [Robert Lyon MILNE] 1833, ‘A glance at the manners and language of the Aboriginal inhabitants of Western Australia with a short vocabulary’, Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal, 30 March 1833: 52. The second part [of four?] of the article was published in Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal, 20 April 1833: 63-4. Many of the first people's names for places above come from this source.`

Reece, Bob nd, 'Robert Lyon Milne'.

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