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shentonGeorge Shenton

Sir George Shenton (4 March 1842 – 29 June 1909) was a prominent businessman in colonial Western Australia, the first Mayor of Perth, and a Member of the Western Australian Legislative Council for over thirty years. He is remembered in the name of the suburb of Shenton Park.


The building complex in the centre is George Shenton's Fremantle house - before he moved to Perth - in Alfred Stone's 1860s (c. 1865) photograph of the Green, with his stables on the right. (Click to see it in larger size.) The thin white line extending across the middle of the photo out to the right is Cliff St. All of the dark grassy area in the foreground is the Green. Where the stables stood is now the site of the Dalgety building, where the MSC now has its offices, on the corner of Cliff and High Sts. Behind the Shenton buildings, to the right, is the Residency, which was demolished in 1967 for the railway line and a carpark. Hard to pick out in the photo at the rear, just to the right of the stables, is the first lighthouse.


And this is Stephen Stout's photo, Battye 5770B-33. No date given, but I'm guessing it's c. 1864-5, as that's when Stout had his studio 100 yards away in Henry Street.

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