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The 63rd Regiment of Foot landed with Stirling. They very soon established the alignment of their Barrack along the track which therefore came to be known as Barrack St. The rectangular area called 'Barracks Square' took in all the land that is now bounded by Pier, Hay, and Barrack Streets, and St George's Terrace. The first building, indicated below as Guard House (which it later became) was the original barrack building.


Conjectural drawing thanks to Nevill: 22. Note that the church shown is the north-south aligned 1841 church, not the present east-west aligned cathedral (1880).

The following photograph puts some flesh on the above drawing.


This 1868 photo shows Howick (Hay) St from Pier Street to the corner of Barrack Street, where the Town Hall is under construction. The building on the left is the Swan River Mechanics Institute, founded 1851, while the one in the middle is the Freemasons Lodge, 1867.

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