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Government House

There have been half a dozen government houses in Western Australia: residences built for the permanent or temporary habitation of the governor: three in Perth, one in Albany, one in Fremantle (not built for that purpose, and where the governor almost never stayed), one on Rottnest Island (not finished in time for the governor who commissioned its building to stay there).

Stirling selected part of the foreshore of the Perth township for his residence and gardens in about September 1829 and by Christmas he and his wife were able to entertain officers of the visiting Success in a 'commodious wooden house' (S-D: 156).


The second and third government houses, in Alfred Stone's c. 1865 photo, taken from the front yard of his house, Alpha Cottage, just across St George's Terrace. The one on the left, a 2-storey stone building, was designed for Stirling by Henry Reveley in 1834. The governor moved in before it was finished. The second is from 1859-63, and is extant, with Kim Beasley in residence.


Stone's photo of a review of the Enrolled Pensioner Force at Government House in 1863.

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